Weeks after the outbreak of the pandemic, trusted digital identity has become paramount not only for businesses to survive, but also for governments to provide services for their citizens.

Trust Report conference will connect thought leaders, tech experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the relationship between technology and trust. Together we will search for solutions for the rapid adoption of convenient, trusted and inclusive digital identity.


2:00 PM (CET)

Rachel Botsman

Trust Expert


Business visionary

Taavi Rõivas

Government leader

Guest expert call




2:45 PM (CET)


Tech guru


Biometrics insider

Guest expert call




3:30 PM (CET)

Yemi keri

Hero innovator

Andy smith

Bussines Leader

Guest expert call



4:00 PM (CET)


The Speakers

Greg Williams

Greg Williams

Who’s the best to host a conference talking about human aspects of technology?

Greg Williams is the editor-in-chief of Wired UK magazine and a strategic forecaster of trends that will shape the future of business and society.

Rachel Botsman

Rachel Botsman

How do we get people to trust a product or idea? How can they be persuaded over the chasm of fear to take a risk on something new?

A Trust Fellow at Oxford University, Rachel is a world-renowned trust expert, visual thinker and dynamic storyteller. Her work aims to help people think differently, talk meaningfully and act purposefully.

Taavet Hinrikus

Taavet Hinrikus

How to combine ease of use and security to provide ideal user experience? How to get people to trust you with their money?

Taavet Hinrikus is the co-founder and Chairman of TransferWise, a global technology company that’s building the best way to move money around the world.He started his career with building Skype as its first employee.

Jan Lunter

Jan Lunter

Why should technology adapt to humans and not vice versa? How powerful has biometrics become and can we do without it?

Jan is the founder and CEO of Innovatrics and the author of the fastest fingerprint algorithm in the world.

Yemi Keri

Yemi Keri

How is technology changing Africa? Its countries are often leading innovation where reliable identification is critical.

Olayemi Keri is a CEO of Heckerbella and one of the foremost women in technology in Nigeria, an angel investor helping other women start their own businesses.

Blair Crawford

Blair Crawford

Why having a safe global digital identity is important, how is its adoption faring and what will it look like in the near future?

Blair is the co-founder and managing director of Daltrey, Australia, the provider of a biometric identification platform.

Andy Smith

Andy Smith

How will COVID-19 reshape the travel industry? Why is trusted identity important for reviving international travel?

Andy Smith has been delivering IT solutions to the aviation industry for 20 years. In SITA, the largest provider of aviation technologies, he’s a champion of industry-wide collaboration focused on customer experience.

Taavi Roivas

Taavi Roivas

How to make country-wide digital identity a national priority? How to achieve that people actually trust it?

Taavi Rõivas, former Prime Minister of Estonia is a strong supporter of a united Europe, advocate of market liberalism and security policies.

Why trust

In the context of pandemics, where we are all relying more and more on remote digital interactions, one very human value is needed more than anything. Trust.

Branchless banks, virtual telco providers, secure eGovernment services, or contactless travel experience are only possible if we can bring trust back into human interactions, helping people prosper and feel safe along the way.


of consumers abandon

the bank account opening online process.

How important is trusted identity
to access your bank online?


billion people

in the world lack access to services
because they don’t have any reliable ID.

Can trusted identity help to
create a more inclusive society?

1 in 5


have been affected by identity
fraud in 2020.

How trusted digital identity
protects consumers online?


of the unmet
credit needs

in South East Asia can be
addressed with digital financial solutions.

What’s the role of trusted identity
in financial inclusion?


thousand minors

were found in the electoral registry
in Guinea using AI-powered age check.

How will trusted identity
safeguard democracy?

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